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Patent Number: 9,029,524

Signal activated RNA interference

Abstract The invention provides compositions and methods for signal activated RNA interference (saRNAi), preferably in vivo. The invention provides polynucleotides that switches between an inactive form and an active form upon covalent or non-covalent interaction with one or more specific chemical signals, such as disease-specific mRNA, miRNA, or other cellular RNA products with sequences that characterize diseased states of the cell. The interaction between the subject polynucleotides and the signals is preferably mediated by hybridization, which exposes, facilitates the formation, and/or allows the formation of a substrate that can be processed by proteins of the RNAi pathway (such as Dicer). The input and output of multiple different polynucleotides of the invention can form an in vivo signaling network. In addition, the multiple input signals can be integrated to modulate the activity of the subject polynucleotides.
Filing Date: December 10, 2008 Issue Date: May 12, 2015 Link: USPTO website

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